Automazione Oggi


Automazione Oggi is a periodical published by Fiera Milano Media devoted to in-depth analysis of industrial automation processes. Since 1983 the magazine has been one of the most wide-ranging focal points for the sector in Italy, offering technicians a vast assortment of contents such as surveys, editorials, panoramas, round tables and interviews on the development and implementation of logic circuits and processes for running machines or company activities. The information on offer is further enriched by numerous special inserts, dedicating detailed vertical analyses to specific aspects of digital automation. In addition to the traditional content, which can be consulted in both the physical and online formats, the magazine also is accompanied by a smartphone app whose users can benefit from the possibilities opened up by augmented reality technologies. Nationhood has completely overhauled the magazine’s appearance, to place the product on the contemporary map. The new design, which aims to relay the coldness of industrial production, is based on a new colour palette of clashing cold and warm shades, with new fonts and a page layout that makes ample use of large blank spaces. At the same time, the contents have also been reorganized. The magazine columns have been systematically restructured and rearranged and the page layout has been redesigned in order to provide a better user experience. Renewed for its regular readers, the magazine is also capable of attracting people from outside the world of industrial automation.