Progettare is a quarterly magazine published by Fiera Milano Media. The periodical, which first appeared in 1979, is the leading publication aimed at Italian designers and technicians who work in the main sectors of industrial design and mechatronics. Over forty years on, the magazine continues to be the biggest source of information and analysis for workers in the sector, proposing articles that cover all aspects of the world of industry. Thanks to detailed reports which can range from material analysis and mechanical parts to the latest news in research and development – and periodically offering various inserts dedicated to specific sectors – over time Progettare has also become a solid historical and cultural benchmark documenting the growth and changes in Italy’s secondary sector. Nationhood has restyled the magazine, shaking up its design and graphics to lend it a contemporary and avant-garde appearance. The aim of this overhaul is not only to give it a new look but, more structurally, to convey an approach that makes it straightforward for readers to consult. The various product sections, providing information using different communicative styles – with interviews, columns on specific topics, market data and reports – are laid out in a new, clearer sequence. The new Progettare greets the present day with a leaner and more rigorous aesthetic that points firmly towards the world of mechanics and digital technology.