We call it avant-pop is a site-specific video installation by Nationhood inspired by the 20-year history of Club To Club, the festival recognized all over Europe as one of the greatest expressions of club culture and sound experimentation. C0C 2020 is an authentic performative manifesto based on an openness to new approaches to artistic production and investigation into contemporary utopia. After two decades of activity, Club To Club is starting again from square one with a programme that sets out to explore its history and imagine future scenarios. The work created by Nationhood, set up on the premises of the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, is a visual hymn to the atmospheres characterizing this moment of transition. The video, structured in 12 chapters, develops its narrative plot in a disorientating sequence of contents inspired by the symbols and images of the festival. This new point of view oscillates between elements of the festival’s digital archive and an imagined future: a visual and immersive ode to the emotional dimension of the musical experience that has accompanied the festival up to the present day.